Strengthening for Efficiency

To maximize capacity building, learning, and action, K-CEP will offer support to all developing countries in the fast phasedown group (A5G1) of the Kigali Amendment. The aim is that cooling work in early-adopter countries can catalyze similar work in other countries. K-CEP’s network will promote cross-fertilization among the parties, agencies, and institutions of the Montreal Protocol. The support will aim to improve understanding of the opportunities that energy efficiency presents, thereby increasing positive engagement on energy efficiency from the Montreal Protocol as well as promoting beneficial development and climate mitigation outcomes.

K-CEP offers:

  1. Consultancy support to enhance the capacity of National Ozone Units (NOUs) and energy efficiency departments.
  2. Training for NOU officers, energy efficiency policymakers, and cooling experts.
  3. Support to enhance and integrate existing knowledge resources such as knowledge platforms, toolkits, templates, and helplines with energy efficiency information and advice.
  4. Support to draft energy efficiency management plans for ambitious governments.
  5. A pool of funds for immediate action to integrate energy efficiency into existing Multi-Lateral Fund projects.

K-CEP support will be offered through the bi-lateral and implementing agencies of the Multi-lateral Fund (MLF).